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"Customer Pro-File is the best program we have found that has all the features we need to operate the insurance billing aspect of our practice. Thanks for making our business run smoother!" Mark DeJohn, Active Therapeutics, Bend, OR

Customer Pro-File is a must have for any Massage Practice! IĂve researched other massage programs that were extremely expensive and unnecessarily detailed. I have my own individual business, and find that Customer Pro-File exceeds all of my expectations. ItĂs simple to set up and manage, and I can keep my paper files to a minimum. I especially like the Gift Certificate tracking feature. IĂve worked with many large scale medical office computer programs designed for multiple modalities that didnĂt have half of the features that I needed. Thank you for providing a functional and concise program for any Massage Therapist to use! Joanna Bygrave, RMT Calgary, Alberta, Canada

Thank you for offering this great program at such a low cost. It's so easy to use and I can't think of a feature it doesn't have that I would need. I love it!! Donna L. Sweeney, NCTMB, LMT Aura Therapeutic Massage & Bodywork, Daytona Beach, FL

"I've been in business going into my 12th year now, so I've seen and done the gammit of record keeping and I just LOVE my Customer Pro-File!" Gay Barefield, Spartanburg, SC

"I love the software, and I love the personalized service I get from you. Your software has helped make my practice the success that it is today!!"
Barbara A. Byrne, Virginia

"Thanks so much for a great program at a great price!!!"
Mende Lawrence, Alabama

"Let me say what a wonderful program you have!! I've been using it all weekend and I love it! Thanks so much! I wish I had found this software sooner!" Denise Hluhan, MT

"I love this program! It lets me easily write my notes, keep track of my business including all that Uncle Sam requires. Your support is wonderful! I've had experience with other billing programs in the past and this is the most user friendly program I've encountered!" Connie Kenkel, Ohio

"I absolutely love this program!!" Danielle Robins, New Jersey

"Customer Pro-File is working very well for me!" Joe Ferguson, New York

"I shouldn't be telling you this but I would have happily paid a whole lot more for something this good!"
A. C., Virginia

"Thank you for such a wonderful program. For the price its virtually risk free. I have never managed a data base with such ease, at least not without a 3 day class. It has everything I wanted and more for my one person operation, but even if you manage a few massage therapist this will work for you. I'll say it, now that I have mine, charge a little more - you have done a great job! Again, thanks so much for this program and the great price!"
Bruce E. Flippens, CMT
Washington DC

"Kudos to you. I want this program!!! I have looked at several others costing hundreds more.. Yours does as much (sometimes more) than the others.. Great job!!!!!"
Jim Parker, LMT, Oregon

"Customer Pro-File is a God-send! Thank you for creating a user-friendly, inexpensive tool for massage therapists such as myself. The session summaries are a great way to review a client's record prior to a session and to share with a client to show them the progress that has been made. And the birthday reminders are a great way to offer something to a current client or try to regain a past client. I've worked with other massage software and I've also attempted trials of 2 other software programs, which range in price from $200 to $700---I was not able to manipulate through the free trials. NOW, I spent less than ONE HOUR moving thru Customer Pro-File with incredible ease and it is truly an answer to a prayer for me here! I would not only highly recommend it to all fellow MT's, but I'd also recommend for anyone using ANY other MT software program that they simply try this Customer Pro-File, because I feel quite confident that they will save a GREAT deal of time so their time/skills/gifts can be better utilized with their hands on therapy! Thank you for making my life simpler!"
Stephanie Holkins, Florida

"I purchased another program for a couple hundred dollars. I wish I hadn't. This Customer Pro-File is so much better and you are so nice (and funny!) to deal with! Thank you!"
Tammy, Georgia

"A million thanks to you! What a wonderful program and at such a great price. Thank you thank you thank you!
Alicia, NY


Customer Pro-File
Hands on Business Management
For Massage Therapists

The most features at the lowest price since 1996.
All versions include:
New calendar with repeating appointments,
day, week and month view and more!
Client Manager, Session Manager, Invoicing
Vendors/Product tracking
Financial and Client Reports/Print labels, lists, track Gift Certificates
Client Birthday Reminders...and more!
As your practice grows you can easily update from one version to another.


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Individual Insurance Billing/HCFA
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Professional Marketing Materials for Massage Therapists

Small Clinic NEW v6.0
All the same great features of the standard version plus multiple
therapist tracking, therapist payments, reports!
(Single computer only - no networking)

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Small Clinic Insurance Billing/HCFA
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Endorsed By
Massage Therapy Schools in the US and Canada

Trial Version
For information on how to download the trial version contact us at:
Please put "Trial Request" in the subject line.
In the body indicate for PC or Mac and if for Australia.
Web Based Email Users!
Please check your junk mail folder if you don't see a reply!
Many web based email system puts all email with a link in it in your spam folder!

Minimum System Requirements:
1Ghz processor with 256 MB RAM, Windows 2000/XP/VISTA

Mac OS X (10.4.11 or later) with 128 MB RAM

23mb free disk space.

- International orders download only -

Do you use Skype? Our Skype phone no. is landsw

How does Customer Pro-File compare to other software?
We're often asked how Customer Pro-File compares to the other massage
manager software packages out there. It's an easy answer. We've been offering
Customer Pro-File since 1996 with lots of features at a low price.
Recently our competitors, some old and some new, have begun offering
some of the same features we've been offering for years (still not near as
many but give them time!).
And the "new" features in some of these massage manager
packages work and look EXACTLY like ours.
We'll leave it at that.

Our Promise
We will not run large color ads in the trade magazines and spend lots of
money at trade shows. We'll not put up a fancy web site with flash animation
and cool graphics. We'll keep costs as low as possible to keep you from having
to pay too much for your business program. No matter how many features we
add you can be assured you'll be able to afford it.
We choose to get our ideas from you, not the competition, and we'll continue to
listen to you and bring you the features you want at a price you can afford.

Success Beyond Work

"I just wanted to take a brief moment to sincerely thank you for producing such a wonderful product. I have been using computers since 1982. I became a LMT 11 years ago and struggled to find a user friendly software program. I invested in a program last year and was terribly disappointed. I came upon your software in an ad in a bodyworker mag (ABMP). I am super stoked to get going on this software and you LITERALLY thought of everything. Words can't describe it.
Sincerely, a VERY happy 34 y/o businesswoman in NY" Julie E. Salazar
P.S. It was super easy to install and your directions were superb!

"I searched extensively for a good software program to use in my practice. I am a massage therapist and esthetician and most of the software I looked at was outrageously expensive and did not really address my individual needs. Then I found Customer Pro-File. It is fantastic, a joy to use and very comprehensive. It is all I could possibly want. Thank you so much for creating a product that is so exceptional and so incredibly well priced." Vanessa Katz, Palm Desert, CA

"I have to say that this is BY FAR the best program that I have seen! I have previewed some others (you know who they are) and they do not have the features your software has. My son who is the network admin. for a major hospital in the area thinks this is a super program. Thanks for your patience with my slow implementation of this wonderful program. If I had really known what I was missing, I would have been on that IT son of mine to get my new computer finished and running!" Cheryl Kumberg

"I love your program. It is the only one that is good. I have tried many that are very expensive and yours is the BEST!" Corinne Kirby, LMT Owner of Body Solutions Spa.

"Like a good relationship this gets better the more I use it... a dream program! I love it!" Joe Cannon, AZ

"I want you to know how very happy I am with this program! Everything I need is in one location. All of my records are kept together , and are neatly organized!!!!! Thank you, thank you thank you! I can't believe I have all of this organization for the sum of $60.00. Thank you again for this awesome program!" Jeanne M. Brickner, CMT Jackson, MI

"I'd looked at others, but could not justify the cost because they seemed so simple (in reality). Customer Pro-File is perfect!" Willie Hafer-Allen, Birmingham, Al

"I read all the other quotes about your progam and after trying one of the others and then trying Customer Pro-File all I can say is IT'S TRUE! Your program is so easy to use compared to theirs!" Sally Choponis, Michigan

"I love it!!!! You're a genuis!"
Carol Heubach
Indianapolis, IN

"I REALLY ENJOY YOUR SOFTWARE!!! I appreciate you making this software available at such a reasonable price!"
Shasta Paidas., Better Health and Body, Dana Point, CA

"I've looked at many programs over the years and Customer Pro-File is the first that I've seen that gives me so much insight into my practice. Being able to track billings,income, expenses, client visit history, use of promotions, health and personal information, etc. has given me more control and ability to market to my clients with greater precission and ease. And if that isn't enough, the program is so easy to use, unlike other programs like it, and at a fraction of the cost. The best $49 I've spent in my 10 years of practice!"
Gregg Austensen, IL

"I love it! It is easy to use and find my way around in. I have been wanting this for a long time but did not want to spend hundreds of dollars. Now I can track clients b-days, number of visits and give them recognition for staying my client!" Sue Bahr, Connecticut

"My 14 year old son calls me a "computer child". This program has opened my eyes to how easy using a program should be! Thank you for not only all the features (not to mention the unreal price!) but for making it so easy for us technologically challenged!" B. C., Ontario

"Now, THIS is a program that really is easy or ez or however you want to say it! It's so feature rich that I'm amazed you're not charging a couple of hundred dollars. Thank you!"
Bill, CA

We receive so many letters and emails thanking us for our program that we can't list them all here but thanks to all of you for your kind words!

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